Thomas Bloch - Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architekt, Fotograf, Filmemacher und Musiker

"For a long time I was looking for who or what I am - until I found out I was a multipotentialite." Meine Fähigkeiten und Erfahrung als Architekt, Fotograf, Filmemacher, Musiker, Manager und Designer machten es mir immer schwierig zu beschreiben, wer oder was ich bin. Dann fand ich diesen TED-Talk von Emilie Wapnick, der mich dem Gedanken des Multipotentialite näher brachte.
Heute nutze ich alle meine Fähigkeiten und Stärken in allen Projekten, von der Architekur, über Fotografie und Musik bis hin ins Unternehmertum.

Thomas Bloch_Fotograf, Filmmacher und Musiker

Why i do what i do

"In summer 2014, just before the birth of our second son Lui, I created this video in just a day. The idea for it came to me in the early morning. So I set out with my iPhone 5, filming myself on a run up in the mountains. By 10.37pm that night this video was finished. The music I had already written and recorded - so all I had to do was a bit of editing work.
I created the video because I wanted to understand for myself, what I wanted to do with my life - what I wanted to achieve. And even more, what I wanted to leave behind. I knew I wanted to help people achieve their goals but didn’t know in what form. What could I do to achieve this? It took me almost a year to understand the ‚how‘.
Looking back now I was searching in all the wrong places. Thinking I could do it by changing myself, or doing things I was interested in, but weren’t 100% me. A few weeks ago I came across a card that I received from an Aboriginal Elder in Outback Australia almost 20 years ago. It describes the trades of my star sign and says: "Pisces is born with the soul of an artist. Particularly fond of music, he loves all the arts. His creative talents are as important in his professional as well as his private life.“
This card helped me to understand myself again! I love architecture, I love photography, I love making videos and I love making music. Finally, it clicked! This is the way I can help people achieve their goals and make their visions a reality. For example, if you are stuck in a project, and someone else takes photograph or video of it - describes it in different words, sees it from a different angel, that’s the first time you actually realise what you have created and can appreciate it. Sometimes you only realise what you have created when you see it through the eyes of someone else. A camera is the perfect medium for it.
I now use all of my skills and experiences to use them in all projects I work in - no matter what it is. This is the definition of a multipotentialite. "


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